Stalled Development in the 39th Council District

We need to make these sites into assets for the community. Many of these developments are causing real hazards for their neighbors, with fences falling down on sidewalks, loose construction debris that can become deadly in high winds, and unsecured sites that are dangerous for children and an invitation to squatting.

Help the effort to convert local blight to community benefit by providing feedback and tracking the progress of each site.
Leave comments below on a individual site to update us on the conditions. If you call 311 about an issue, please leave a complaint number in the comment.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

430 Carroll Street, Gowanus

(between 3rd Avenue and the Gowanus Canal)

Project Description: Development of sites along the Gowanus Canal

Project Type: Existing buildings and development site

Status: No activity. Sites for sale.

Background: Developer Shaya Boymelgreen and investors began planning Gowanus Village, a major residential development, in 2004. They bought three large parcels of land along the east side of the canal; two adjoining lots are between Carroll and 1st Streets, and the third is across the street on the 1st Street side. The site contained former manufacturing and industrial buildings, with prior uses that including a printing ink company, manufacturer of electrical equipment, a plumbing contractor, a truck storage facility, an auto repair facility, an auto wrecker, a sheet metal processor, an oil company and a storage facility. One of the remaining buildings was a historic red brick power station.

Boymelgreen hit financial trouble and was bought out by developer Isaac Katan and the original co-investors, Africa-Israel, which put the sites up for sale in early 2008. The buildings on the sites are deteriorating. A 2006 violation noted failure to maintain one of the buildings, which had hazardous conditions including bricks missing from the lintel above the garage door, the fa├žade cracked and bulging, leaning brick columns and cracked mortar joints. Subsequent violations indicate that the defective conditions are continuing. The sites are not classified as Stalled.

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