Stalled Development in the 39th Council District

We need to make these sites into assets for the community. Many of these developments are causing real hazards for their neighbors, with fences falling down on sidewalks, loose construction debris that can become deadly in high winds, and unsecured sites that are dangerous for children and an invitation to squatting.

Help the effort to convert local blight to community benefit by providing feedback and tracking the progress of each site.
Leave comments below on a individual site to update us on the conditions. If you call 311 about an issue, please leave a complaint number in the comment.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

287-289 13th Street, Park Slope

(between 5th and 6th Avenues)

Project Type: New building

Description: Demolition of two 2-family houses, construction of new 5 story, 8 unit building

Status: Stalled, vacant lot

UPDATE 8/2010: graded and fenced 7/16/10; EBC violation for failure to obtain permit (permit expired) 5/10/10.

UPDATE 2/19/2010: DOB added to "Stalled Site" list 1/11/2010

Background: The houses lay vacant since 2004. Some unpermitted demolition or construction work was reported. Demolition conducted in 2007 caused damage to homes on both sides. The wall of one of the adjacent homes damaged the wall and allowed water seepage. On the other adjacent home, the demolition caused structural damage. A Stop Work Order was issued in September 2007, allowing only remedial work to waterproof and to shore up the adjacent walls. The site remained in this condition through the winter, exacerbating the damage. The owner had financing difficulties and the contractor terminated the job.

The city undertook remedial measures, including installing temporary waterproofing and digging a trench, but water continued to seep into the neighbor’s basement. The project was declared Stalled in September 2009. The lot is fenced and the temporary protections remain, including metal rakers bracing the supporting wall on the adjoining structure.

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