Stalled Development in the 39th Council District

We need to make these sites into assets for the community. Many of these developments are causing real hazards for their neighbors, with fences falling down on sidewalks, loose construction debris that can become deadly in high winds, and unsecured sites that are dangerous for children and an invitation to squatting.

Help the effort to convert local blight to community benefit by providing feedback and tracking the progress of each site.
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Monday, February 1, 2010

138 Sackett Street and 211 Columbia Street, Columbia Waterfront District

(near corner of Sackett Street and Columbia Street, with existing building fronting Columbia Street and open lot fronting Sackett Street)

Project Type: New building

Project Description: Construction of new 11 story building (10 dwelling units + retail)

Status: Frozen, no activity, not in compliance with rezoning.

Background: Permits for a new, 11 story building were issued in 2007, demolition of an existing structure was planned, and a sidewalk shed was installed. The roof was demolished, but the wall of the adjacent building was not protected and has had water damage. A Stop Work Order was issued in mid-2008 and was partially rescinded only to allow weatherproofing and masonry repairs. The developer opposed the changes in the 421a tax exemption law, which would have necessitated affordable housing units, and he put the site up for sale but couldn’t find a buyer. He subsequently reported that he was considering building new townhouses instead.

Meanwhile, the Carroll Gardens/Columbia Waterfront Rezoning was undertaken, and the previously-planned tall building would be out-of-compliance and cannot proceed. Under its new R6A zone, the maximum height can be 70 feet. The sidewalk shed permits were renewed in December 2009, but no new building plans have been filed.

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  1. This site needs to be developed to offer the community both residential and commercial uses that are in scale with the surrounding buildings, in character with the neighborhood and community, and also benefit the beautiful open space community garden next to the site. NO 11 or 10 story building should be allowed!!!! A developer who is sensitive to the communities' needs and desires, who is interested in green architecture and has a desire to enhance the neighborhood should develop this site.