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Sunday, March 14, 2010

75 Columbia Street, Columbia Waterfront District

(NE corner of Columbia and Warren)

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Project Type: New Building

Project Description: Demo of commercial building; Construction of a 6 story 10 unit residential building

Status: Vacant lot, partially excavated

Background: On this corner lot, a one-story warehouse – vacant since at least 2006 – was bought for demolition and the construction of a new residential condo building. Planning began in 2007/2008, with demolition permits approved in January 2008 and underway later in the year.

On 9/15/2008, a Stop Work Order was issued during the demolition phase, as inspectors reported that there were no detailed plans for shoring the walls of the excavation so it wouldn’t damage an adjacent building. Guardrails were also not present to protect workers from the excavation. Limited work was permitted to proceed to install safety equipment.

In November 2008, the contractor presented amended plans, and guardrails were installed. The site was determined to be in safe condition and the SWO was rescinded.

The Carroll Gardens/Columbia Waterfront Contextual Rezoning, which was in development at this time, may have allowed for the height but not the bulk. The building plan was for a 6 story, nearly 20,000 sf building, with a Floor Area Ratio (FAR) of about 3.7. The maximum FAR under the new zoning is 3.0. Some other nearby developments were also stopped by the rezoning, though a couple of large ones had progressed far enough that they were allowed to proceed with plans that would have otherwise been out of compliance. This site had not advanced sufficiently and would have to be modified before proceeding.

Currently there is plywood fencing around the site. Inside, there is a dirt pit from the incomplete excavation, along with lumber, other debris and plant overgrowth. There is no current activity, permits are expired and the site is for sale.

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