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Sunday, March 14, 2010

277 1st Street, Park Slope

(between 4th Avenue & 5th Avenue)

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Project Type: New Building

Project Description: Originally planned a 4 story 2 unit building (1999); new plan for a 4 story 5 unit building (2002)

Status: Building Infrastructure Partially Complete

Background: This project was initiated in 1999 but was significantly expanded in 2003. The 1999 plan was for a new 4 story, 2 unit, 4,000 sf building. The plans were withdrawn in 2003 and new plans were filed to build a 4 story, 14,000 sf building by merging adjacent lots. The plans refer to 3 units, but they may mean 3 units per original lot, thus totaling 9 units.

The Park Slope Rezoning halted work, but the DOB determined that it was sufficiently far along to proceed under the previous rules.

There have been several major safety violations:

- 2004: In May a violation was issued for failure to protect public and property affected by construction operations. The violation noted that one side of the excavation fence and a portion of the side yard had collapsed due to improper sheeting and shoring of the excavation and foundation. In June a violation was issued for failure to provide protection of sides of an excavation approximately 15 feet long in front of the building. In November a violation was issued for failure to provide protection at the side of excavation. Protection was not provided, and along one wall there was no sheeting, shoring or bracing. A Stop Work Order was issued.

- 2005: In May a violation was issued for work contrary to approved DOB plans; a crane was hoisting steel in the wrong position. The contractor also failed to have a permit signed off by an engineer. In December a violation was issued due to the lack of a sidewalk shed. The inspector noted that steel framing for the new building of approximately 50 feet in height had been erected without a sidewalk shed for protection of pedestrians on sidewalk. A Stop Work Order was issued.

- 2007: In March a violation was issued because the sidewalk shed did not meet building code specifications. The shed was missing lighting and a deck enclosure.

- 2008: In February a violation was issued for lack of guardrails along an opening on the roof terrace.

- 2010: In February another violation was issued because the sidewalk shed did not meet DOB code requirements. It was missing a parapet on the top of shed.

Permits are still active.

The building has 4 full floors and a fifth floor that may be a terrace or other structure.

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