Stalled Development in the 39th Council District

We need to make these sites into assets for the community. Many of these developments are causing real hazards for their neighbors, with fences falling down on sidewalks, loose construction debris that can become deadly in high winds, and unsecured sites that are dangerous for children and an invitation to squatting.

Help the effort to convert local blight to community benefit by providing feedback and tracking the progress of each site.
Leave comments below on a individual site to update us on the conditions. If you call 311 about an issue, please leave a complaint number in the comment.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

85 3rd Street, Carroll Gardens

(between Hoyt and Bond Streets)

UPDATE: DOB declared "Stalled" 5/12/2010. Site in dangerous condition. Section of fence is down, providing easy access to site and exposure to unprotected pit. Violation for defective fence and expiration of fence permit 5/12/10.

Blog reader addition!

Project Type: New Building

Project Description: Construction Of a 5 Story 6 Unit Building

Status: Building infrastructure partially complete (open in front and back)

UPDATE: DOB adds to "Stalled Sites" list for extra monitoring: 5/10/2010

Background: In early 2007 the applicant filed for construction of a new 5 story building and demolition of the existing 2 story (plus cellar) home. However, they subsequently withdrew the application for the new building, and in September 2007 they filed a new application for an alteration to the existing building – adding two floors on top of the existing two floor building. This would have added 4,500 square feet to the existing 2,100 sf building, creating a total floor area of 6,630 sf.

Work began in June 2008, but a Stop Work Order was served in July; though the SWO was rescinded soon after, other violations were issued throughout the project for conditions such as excessive construction debris, inadequate plywood fencing that made the site accessible; expired fence permits, exposed electrical wiring, and unprotected excavation without shoring or bracing walls.

Neighbors reported that the building was being demolished and entirely gutted, but the DOB reported that the work was within the scope of the alteration plans.

As of our visit in March 2010, the building is open in the front and rear, with partial cement side walls and steel infrastructure. Neighbors report that there has been no activity for months, and that water is collecting and seeping into the adjacent property. There is construction debris in the front area, but the fencing is in place. It’s not possible to see the condition of the excavation in the rear.


  1. A section of the plywood fence is down, providing easy access to the unprotected pit and open metal frame structure. Citizen complaint called in to 311 on 5/10. Complaint # 3341502. Site declared stalled 5/12, emergency declaration issued for owner to repair fence. As of 5/22 there has been no action and the dangerous situation persists.

  2. As of Feb. 11, 2013 no action has been taken on the stalled site's condition as described above by Anonymous.